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For the historian, Fujairah is a hidden treasure waiting to be discovered The old fort in Fujairah's historic town which is approximately 300 years old and the many small wind towers still standing in neighbouring villages as proud reminders of the town's recent past. However, archaeological ations have shown that man's presence in the region actually dates back to the Iron Age. In fact, some of -the mosts important archaeological finds in the Arabian Gulf have been made in the area.

Fujairah Fort

Situated just two km away from the main town. It is a strategically located mud brick structure. A huge castle built in 1670 A.D. which consists of 3 major parts and several halls and towers surrounded by the old Fujairah. The fort was fully renovated in year 2000.

Al Bidya Mosque

Dates back 400 years and displays a unique feat of engineering for the time. All four domes are supported by one central pillar and internal decoration combines stone carvings with special shelves to house the Holy Quran. Al Bidya Mosque is located close to Al Bidya village about 30 km North of Fujairah.

Al Heil Castle

Built in 1735 near Al Bithnah Village 13 km west of Fujairah city, it has guarded the strategic route across the Hajar mountains throught Wadi Ham since the 18th Century, and was considered among the most important forts and castles in eastern part of UAE.

Archeological Sites

Some of the most important archeological finds in the Arabian Gulf have made in the area, and archeological excavations have shown that man's presence in the region actually dates back to the Iron Age.